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YORK® Power Grip Attachments

Available Options

Narrow Grip - Supinated36180$62.79
Narrow Grip - Pronated36181$62.79
Middle Grip - Neutral36182$72.79
Middle Grip - Angled36183$72.79
Wide Grip - Neutral36184$94.59


Focus on muscles, not grip strength, Power Narrow Grip disperses the force of the exercise throughout the entire hand, not just the fingers. This takes the focus off gripping the Lat bar and allows the user to focus on the targeted muscle group without prematurely ending your set due to grip failure.

  • Neoprene Coated
  • Steel internal construction
  • INCLUDES HEAVY-DUTY CARABINER (Clip to attach to cable machines)

Shipping Specifications

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Middle Grip – Angled, Middle Grip – Neutral, Narrow Grip – Pronated, Narrow Grip – Supinated, Wide Grip – Neutral