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YORK® offers a comprehensive range of racks and gym equipment suitable for various training levels, spanning from casual home use to robust commercial setups. Their product lineup comprises three distinct lines, each tailored to cater to your fitness aspirations. Furthermore, attachments are readily available for all three lines, allowing you to personalize your workout experience to suit your specific requirements.

The Pro Series line, it’s designed with home users in mind, characterized by the use of heavy gauge tubular steel for exceptional stability. This line features convenient Arm Curl and Leg Curl attachments, both easy to install. Notably, the 204 Barbell Support within this series is highly favored due to its adjustable width, accommodating a range from 30.5 inches to 49.5 inches.

Cater for light commercial applications, the Fitness Training Series line with 12-gauge tubular steel includes valuable attachments like the Leg developer, Leg Hold Down, and Preacher Curl, along with a 2-inch adapter sleeve to accommodate Olympic size plates. Notable larger pieces of equipment in this line are the Lat Machine and the versatile Power Cage, offering multiple options for an efficient workout.

The pinnacle of YORK®’s equipment offerings is the Strength Training Series, designed for commercial use. Crafted from robust 11-gauge steel, this equipment is built to endure heavy usage in commercial facilities over many years. With a wide selection of benches, racks, and lower body options like the Leg Press, YORK® can fully equip your facility for comprehensive total body workouts. Numerous attachments are also available for the racks, including bar and weight holders, as well as dip attachments.

To the consumer of the Strength Training Series of products it is highly recommended that should you decide to purchase any equipment in this range for home use, we strongly suggest that you go trough an authorized dealer in your area who specialises in this product, we will provide an authorized dealer contact information for your convenience.

Whether you’re creating the ideal home gym or outfitting a commercial facility, YORK® provides the equipment needed to optimize your workout space with quality equipment that meets the test of time.

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  • York Barbell 3000 Power Station - Home Gym Equipment

    YORK® 3000 Power Station

  • YORK® 2 x 25 LB Gold Vinyl Standard Plates

  • squat stand york barbell

    YORK® 2″ Squat Stand – Black

  • YORK® 20″ Chrome Straight Bar

  • 24" Chrome Pro Style Lat Pulldown Bar

    YORK® 24″ Chrome Pro Style Lat Pulldown Bar

  • 24" Double Handle Lat Bar | Cable Machine Attachments

    YORK® 24″ Double Handle Lat Bar

  • YORK® 28″ Chrome Revolving Curl Bar w/ Rubber Ergo Grips

  • York 2800 Power Cage | Home Gym equipment

    YORK® 2800 Power Cage

  • York 3-in-1 Plyo Box

    YORK® 3-in-1 Plyo Box

  • 34" Chrome Pro Style Lat Pulldown Bar | Gym Equipment |

    YORK® 34″ Chrome Pro Style Lat Pulldown Bar

  • 34" Double Handle Lat Bar | Cable Machine Attachments

    YORK® 34″ Double Handle Lat Pull Down Bar

  • YORK® 36″ Chrome Lat Bar

  • 36" Mini Trampoline | Weight Lifting Accessories

    YORK® 36″ Mini Trampoline

  • YORK® 40 lb Aerobic Weight Plate Set

  • YORK® 48″ Chrome Lat Bar

  • YORK 7240 Multi Gym | Home Gym Equipment & Machines

    YORK® 7240 Multi Gym