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YORK® STS Connector Kit

Available Options

4-way connectorSilver55022E$195.49
3-way connectorSilver55023E$195.49
2-way adjacent connectorSilver55024E$124.99
2-way opposing connectorSilver55025E$137.49


The YORK®STS Connector kits are designed to join the York STS Selectorized units such as the Lat Pulldown, Low Row & Tricep Station to the YORK® STS Cable Crossover and the York STS Functional Cable Crossover.  Depending on how you would like to set up your equipment, choose the 4-Way Connector kit to join three additional workout stations to one side (either side) of the Cable Crossover or choose the 3-Way Connector kit to attach two additional workout stations to one side of the Cable Crossover.  To add one unit to one side of the Cable Crossover, choose either the 2-Way Adjacent Connector Kit (Stacks positioned side by side) or the 2-Way Opposing Connector Kit (Stacks positioned opposite each other).  Available in three colors, these connector kits require little assembly and hold the units securely in place creating a dynamic commercial grade Multi-Station.

Shipping Specifications

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions N/A

4-way connector, 3-way connector, 2-way adjacent connector, 2-way opposing connector


White, Silver, Black