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YORK® Chrome Dumbbell

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2.5 lb33020$13.69
5 lb33021$22.79
7.5 lb33022$34.09
10 lb33023$45.49
12.5 lb33024$56.89
15 lb33025$68.19
17.5 lb33026$79.59
20 lb33027$90.99
22.5 lb33028$102.29
25 lb33029$113.69
27.5 lb33030$124.99
30 lb33031$136.39
35 lb33032$159.09
40 lb33033$181.89
45 lb33034$204.59
50 lb33035$227.29

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The YORK® Chrome Dumbbell is a highly reflective and attractive dumbbell that makes a BIG visual impact in any setting. The knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably in the palm of the user. Solid steel heads ensure maximum durability of the bright chrome finish, making these dumbbells ultra-resistant to chipping, crackling or peeling. Chrome Dumbbells are available from 2.5 – 50 lb.

**All Chrome Dumbbells are sold individually**

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