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YORK® 1″ Standard Contour Cast Iron Plate

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2.5 lb2203$5.49
5 lb2205$10.99
10 lb2207$21.99
25 lb2209$54.99
35 lb2211$76.99
50 lb2213$109.99

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The YORK® 1” Standard Contour Cast Iron Plate is a simple plate that offers a variety of sizes. These plates can be used with our 1” dumbbell handles to make an adjustable set of dumbbells in order to help conserve space or with any equipment that is utilizes standard plates. The Contour Cast Iron Plates are composed of durable cast iron which helps these plates last a lifetime.

Product Specifications:

Weight2½ lb5 lb10 lb25 lb35 lb50 lb
Diameter4 ⅝”5 ¾”7 ¾”11”13”14”
Thickness⅞”1”1”1 ⅜”1 ½”1 ¾”

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Shipping Specifications

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2.5 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, 50 lb